Thursday, October 18, 2007

Torre Sticks Finger In Stienbrenner's Eye!

Joe Torre's refusal to accept a one year deal with the Yankees signals what for our Cubs?

We know most players only care about the Benjamin's, but could the absence of Joe Torre help facilitate the departure of Posada, Rivera and A-Rod?

Could Pinella's ties with A-Rod signal his opting out of NY for a deal with the Cubs?

Would the new Cubs owner be willing to make an offer sweet enough to lure A-Rod?

Do we really expect or want our new owner to blow up the team and rebuild? Or worse, stay on a Tribune track and go for meaningless middle of the road acquisitions and say all we need is a little fine tuning to win a World Series?

The new Cub's owner, whoever that may be, will know going in how his predecessor backloaded the shit of the present Cubs roster's payroll. Therefore his only acceptable course of action will be to spend the money, acquire A-Rod and another stud for the rotation.

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