Saturday, October 06, 2007


I have decided that there is not much reason to discuss the details of the Cubs 3-0 series loss to the Diamondbacks. But let's look at the outcome of the 2007 NLDS and 2007 Cubs season. To do that I wanna quickly flashback to the last game of last season. On that Sunday afternoon the Cubs beat the Colorado Rockies to finish the season 66-96. Behind the scenes the real action was taking place. Andy MacPhail was fired and John McDonough took his place. McDonough made a bold statement that day. Here it is:

"My goal is singular. The purpose of why I have been asked to do this job is for the Cubs to win the World Series. Not win the wild card or win the division or win the pennant, but it's time to win. It's time to win the World Series. And I think we need to reward these tens of millions of fans who have waited for a long time."

What McDonough said in that statement indicates that, despite the NL Central title and playoff appearance, this season was another in a long line of failed Cub seasons. The Cubs did not reach the goal that McDonough stated. So while I enjoyed moments during the 2007 season, unlike division championships past, I am not willing to say 'they had a good season'. It wasn't.

Over the past few months I have heard so-called Chicago Cub fans talk about 'faith' and 'belief' ad nauseum. Fans use these words as if a spiritual belief will win the Cubs a World Series. If that were the case the Cubs would have won as many championships as the Yankees. To the fans who use the words 'faith', 'belief', 'it's gonna happen' I beg you to find a different way to express your Cub love. Maybe a little tough love would be a start. I really believe that turning Cub fandom into a cult-like religion is ruining the experience for many of us. Anyways, just a thought I felt like sharing.

So as the offseason begins, and the Tribune era ends, I will not look back on this season any differently than I do other Cub seasons.

THANKS TO YOU: As the baby bruins head for hibernation, I'd like to thank all of the readers of the crappy/unpopular blog who stopped by the site this season. I'd also like to thank anyone who took the time to comment on something we wrote. IMHO it is the comment threads that really make this blog. My posts will be alot less frequent this winter as I will spend more time with my family. If the Cubs make some news someone will be around to discuss. I hope everybody has a good and safe offseason.

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