Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The comment

I have been waiting all season for this comment. This morning in the Chicago Tribune, Jim Hendry provided the goods:

"If we could get 'Woody' back, that certainly would be better than any trade we make," general manager Jim Hendry said.

LMAO. Have I just been watching baseball for too long or has it all just become too predictable. What a statement. What GM would trade for an injury plagued right hander with a history of arm issues and tell you it was good? Still, you knew the minute he got close Hendry was going to say what he did. It's just comical to me. I could go on about it, but I just spent yesterday trying to compliment Cruller Jim. Anyways, all the best to Kerry and it'll be great watching his three relief appearances followed by his shutdown and end to his season. Yeah, that sounds like one helluva trade.


Don't look now but the Cubs have made their way into the NL Wildcard race and they have really closed the gap:

San Diego 54 45 .545 -
Atlanta 54 47 .535 1.0
Chicago 52 46 .531 1.5
Arizona 54 48 .529 1.5
Philadelphia 51 48 .515
Colorado 50 50 .500 4.5

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