Friday, July 06, 2007

A Change Is Coming

There has been considerable debate over the past few weeks concerning the possible trade of the Cub's soon to be free agent pitcher, C Zambrano.

With many fans split on the issue, there is no need for me to further the debate. However, a valid point has been made that trading an established commodity that is being paid close to if not more than his market value, is a sound strategy to inject youth and prospects into your system.

With some valuable free agents becoming available this coming offseason, my favorite would be I Suzuki, a move to clear salary and reload the system by trading a D Lee for example, is a deal I believe should be considered.

Why? Well the Cubs wouldn't be totally inept at a position that doesn't demand as much defensive excellence as CF, with a R/L platoon of Ward and DeRosa for example, not to mention M Hoffpauir in AAA.

D Lee is owed $13 million through 2010 and his contract could reap considerable value to potential suitors compared to the diminished value of Zambrano's contract. This is the exact type of proactive deal good GMs make, to keep a steady flow of young talent in the system while remaining competitive.

Of course this is a deal our dead between the ears GM Hendry, would never make but A Change Is Coming, and hopefully the new ownership will choose their head of baseball operations wisely and make these type of proactive deals the norm.

In the meantime, let's enjoy the ride the Cubs are on and hope Hendry doesn't cock up the club any further before his departure.

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