Saturday, March 31, 2007

Open Forum: 2007 Predictions

Back by popular demand are our 2007 predictions. Here's a look back at last years.

I'm gonna do this a bit different this year. The questions are below. You can cut and paste these into your comment.


  • How many games will the Cubs win this year?
  • Will they make the playoffs?
  • Will any Cub player or managemnt member win an end of season award(NL MVP, NL Cy Young, NL ROY, NL Manager of Year, NL Executive of Years, etc...)? If so, who and what?

STARTING PITCHING QUESTIONS: Name the Cubs starter that will...

  • make the most starts
  • pitch the most innings
  • record the most k's
  • have the most wins
  • have the best WHIP (min 160 IP)
  • have the lowest ERA (min 160 IP)

RELIEF PITCHING QUESTIONS: Name the Cubs reliever that will...

  • have the most appearances
  • have the most saves
  • have the most holds
  • have the best WHIP
  • have the lowest ERA

HITTING QUESTIONS: Name the Cub everyday player who...

  • plays in the most games
  • has the highest batting average (min 502 AB's)
  • has the most hits
  • has the most doubles
  • has the most triples
  • has the most homeruns
  • has the most Runs scored
  • has the most RBi
  • has the most stolen bases


  • What are you watching for in 2007?
  • Will the Cubs be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline? If buyers, what position will they pursue? If sellers, who will go?
  • When will the Cubs call up Felix Pie? What impact will he have?

MLB QUESTIONS: Who do think will win the following?

  • AL East
  • AL Central
  • AL West
  • AL Wildcard
  • NL East
  • NL West
  • NL Wildcard
  • AL Pennant
  • NL Pennant
  • 2007 World Series Champs

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