Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Oh the humanity...Cubs Raise Beer Prices

In another swift kick to the groin of you the Cub fan, the Cubs have followed up their single game ticket price increase with (gasp) an increase in beer prices. According to the Bright One's Quick Hitter Elliott Harris the Northsiders are about to increase beer prices to (drum roll) $6.00. That 16 oz. wax cup of Old Style, Old Style Light or the beers that shall remain nameless from Missouri will now cost you 25 cents more than last year. (And you thought gas prices sucked)

Along with on-field expectations at Cubs games, beer prices at Wrigley Field will be going up. A reliable source says vendors were informed at orientation last week the cost of a 16-ounce can will be $6 this season, a 25-cent increase from 2006. That would mean the Cubs have caught up to the White Sox -- in terms of what a fan would pay for a beer. Except that the Sox are expected to raise their beer price from last season's $6 by 25-50 cents.
I gave up watching the Cubs sober years ago, like when I was 13. What are these people trying to do to me. The only thing that many of us have left is a cold one errrr six at the ballpark. Somebody needs to stop the madness.

Where is our Arte Moreno? Where is this franchises savior for the everyday Joe, the common man? Somebody needs to lower the price of beer! Help me out please. I demand that interim team President John McDonough step in and do something! Take action. Please. I'm desperate.

Oh well, I tried.

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