Thursday, November 16, 2006

Eyes on the prize

While this blog and many others dedicated to the Cubs focus on the moves of our hero Cruller Jim this offseason, the real action surrounding the Chicago National League Ballclub is being tracked by the business media and in the Cub blogosphere by Chuck at Ivychat. Today was a big day kiddies. You see today Crain's Chicago Business started naming local businessmen who are assembling groups to buy the Chicago Cubs. Not to get religious or anything, but: Allelujah!

At least two local businessmen — industrialist Thomas Begel and restaurant owner and politico William Marovitz — say they’re assembling ownership groups to make separate bids that probably will top $500 million.

As you can see in the Crain's article several other local businessmen including Bruce Rauner, Don Levin (featured earlier in the week in a Mike Downey column that didn't mention Los Angeles), John Canning Jr., (gulp) William Wrigley Jr., Mr. Cub Ernie Banks and Howard Bernick are mentioned as having interest in the team.

Even the Chicago Tribune got in on the act with Susan Chandler's article titled: Tribune Co.'s troubles start run on the Cubs. Chandler's article shows that excitement is circling in the Chicago business community:

He knows that other groups are out there and that some deep-pocketed folks are talking to more than one.

"Everybody is so excited the Cubs might be for sale that people are moving from group to group," Weisbach said.

As a fan watching this unfold I have to tell you that I think this is pretty cool. The Cubs might actually be bought by a group of local rich men who want to see the Cubs win sometime in their lifetime. I see this as great news for the fans. This is not another corporation. It's a group of rich Cub fans. Not a bad thing IMO. Can you imagine an owner that actually considers a ballclub to be something other than programming?

So while we discuss Ramirez, Wood, DeRosa, Blanco and Cotts, keep one eye on the business section. Something bigger than any offseason move Hendry will make is about to happen.

I think it's only fitting on this page to give Chuck the last word on this:
The sale of the Cubs is no longer speculation. This is going to happen. Soon. Like, in the next 6 months.

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