Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cubs freeze ticket prices

In response to the empty seats seen throughout Wrigley Field in August and September, the Chicago Cubs announced that they will not be raising season ticket prices for 2007. This from Toni Ginnetti in this mornings Bright One:

The Cubs will hold the line on ticket prices for 2007 after having their second-most successful season at the box office despite finishing in last place in the National League Central.

In a letter sent Monday to season-ticket holders, interim president John McDonough said last season's attendance was ''a tremendous tribute to our fans and speaks volumes about [their] commitment'' to the team, adding, ''we recognize the importance of our season-ticket holders and to reward you, we have frozen season-ticket prices for 2007.''

Cubs' ticket prices still rank second only to the Boston Red Sox as the most expensive in the majors, according to the annual survey released by the Team Marketing Report last April. The Cubs' average ticket price was listed as $34.30 (Boston's averaged $46.46; White Sox tickets averaged $26.19).

So for the record: boycotts and protests don't work. But empty seats sure seem to get peoples attention at Clark and Addison.

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