Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Little Jimmy's costume.

Today is October 31 and thanks to a bunch of pagan Celts drunk on mead gallivanting through their villages, we will be visited by dozens of children tonight (maybe their moms too? :) ) dressed in Halloween costumes demanding candy.

Now we all know that our drunken GM loves donuts, but if Cruller Jim were to stop by your house tonight, what do you think he'd be dressed up as and what would the Gym Teacher's candy-of-choice?

I picture little Jimmy sauntering up my steps, fresh knee scrapes stemming from the fall he has just taken as a couple high school kids stole his orange pumpkin candy holder. Up he walks in his 1972 Converse All-Stars, grey tank-top, 4-inch red Adidas athletic shorts with matching red polyester zip-up coat, and new gym teacher whistle; his bulbous belly popping out of the grey tank-top like some trucker girl singing Free Bird at a rest stop karaoke.

After carefully examining the contents of the bowl-o-candy, ever the discerning candy aficionado, Jimmy asks......

"Where's the rum balls, maam?"

Happy Halloween, 1060west folks.

- The Sorrow

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