Friday, September 01, 2006

Paul Sullivan = Baseball Moron

Boy, I just read a doozy. In his column today titled "Radical surgery is needed", Paul Sullivan actually states the Cubs would be better off to move Ryan Dempster back to the starting rotation for next year. Of course, he provides zero reasoning why an inane idea like this would actually benefit the Cubs. Come on, Paul, not every Cubs fan is a complete idiot. Some of us understand Dempster is just not that good of a pitcher. He was a marginal starter early in his career and has had an up and down 1.5 season stint as a reliever. But his future is in the pen, probably not in near as many high leverage situations though. Fearless prediction (since it's already been mentioned by others), Scott Eyre will be the Cubs 2007 closer. But hey Paul, your entire column is not without merit. You make some decent suggestions, especially your ommission of Roberto Novoa from the '07 bullpen.

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