Friday, September 08, 2006

The 1060west LVP

I really don't put a post up terribly often since there really hasn't been too much about this ballclub to get excited about.

However, an idea just struck me as funny and I'd like to see how this goes over. When the season ends we can go over and over who the MVP for the 2006 Cubs was which I honestly can't think of too many that would be deserving. I'm sure one of us will get to that once this season finally ends.

Anyway, here's the idea. Who would you vote for the LVP, the Least Valuable Player for the Cubs 2006 season?

Lets get the nominations down and name the inagural 1060west LVP in the first week of October. Put your nominations down and we'll weed them out by voting or possibly using whoever gets 75% of the vote.

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