Thursday, April 19, 2007

A must win in April?

With the Cubs on a skid where they have lost 7 of 9, I posed this question in the comments earlier today: "Is it too early for a "must-win" game?"

1060west's very own gaius marius responded: "nope. today is a pretty big one, imo."

So as we head toward this evenings game the Cubs can take a look at the scoreboard and see the fact that the Brewers took care of the Bucs at Miller Park 7-5. (Could it be shades of 1982 or could it be 1987) This Brew Crew win combined with a Cub loss would put the Cubs 4.0 games back on April 19, 2007. Yeah it's a weak division and all, but the Cubs are quickly playing their way to being 5.0 games back and 10 games under. Two low level marks that any team would like to avoid.

Michigan Man
The Cubs will call upon the Michigan Man Rich Hill (seen below in his Junior year at Ann Arbor) to stop the bleeding and turn this thing around. The 6'5" southpaw has been brilliant in his two starts so far this season. Hill enters the game 2-0 with a microscopic 0.64 ERA. His WHIP has been just as tiny 0.57 and opponents are hitting .163 off of Hill. With Carlos Zambrano struggling, Hill and fellow southpaw Ted Lilly have really pitched well.

Now it's asking alot to ask Hill to keep this up. Common sense tells you he can't. There is some good news though. Of the Braves 4 losses, 3 have come when they faced a LHSP. This is what it has come to, as another Cub season quickly drifts away.

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