Friday, January 19, 2007

Pep Rally this Weekend!

This page will not be any place for news on the Pep Rally this weekend at Chicago Hilton and Towers. I trust that the guys at GROTA will give you some real good info, Andy Dolan usually writes a fuckin' hillarious piece after the convention and there will probably be some spin from the MSM.

My favorite comment on the Pep Rally came from the Trib's very own Paul Sullivan who wrote this earlier in the week:
The Cubs come out of hibernation this week for the annual off-season spinfest known as the Cubs Convention, hoping to assure a shell-shocked fan base that last year's 96-loss disaster won't be repeated.

Don't tell McVicker, I'm gonna ditch this one and smoke cigarettes in the parking lot. Anyone wanna join me.

More importantly there is a football game on the lakefront this Sunday. Go Bears! (visit Midway Chat for the latest on the Monsters)

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