Sunday, August 13, 2006

Oh, happy day!

No, the Cubs didn’t fight back in Denver last night after falling behind 7-1 in the third inning behind the strength of a typical Forearm Boy pitching performance. Nope the Cubs lost their 68th game and are now back at 20 games under .500, giving them a puncher’s chance at 100 losses for the first time in forty years.

So what you ask is there to be happy about?

Well, the Chicago Tribune (yes I know) reported in the August 4th edition that recent market analysis is showing White Sox popularity is gaining on both the Bears and the Cubs and if trends continue the White Sox will soon become the “most popular” sports team in the city.

I write this today, because as the disinterested blue-bloods are finishing off their cavier and monkey brains for breakfast (that’s what they eat, right?) and are eyeing over the Sunday morning Tribune, they might stumble upon this story. Dave van Dyck highlights the White Sox thrilling win yesterday on NATIONAL TELEVISION, bringing the Sox within 6.5 games of 1st place in the Central.

As Cub fans, we should all be pulling for another great White Sox run into the playoffs - with a little luck into the World Series.

The Cub brand is dieing on the vine and the Sox product is growing like Reinsdorf has used some sort of giant Garden Weasel to cut through the years of marketing missteps and public relations blunders.

The Cubs franchise has gotten fat and arrogant by its good fortune over the last 20 years, its time for this old phoenix to burn up and from its ashes something worth following may emerge.

I know many of you do not agree with the idea of a "fan protest", but I think we find ourselves at a precipice and our actions could push the Tribune/MacPhail right over the ledge. Its time to turn off the WGN, cancel the Paper subscriptions, and get your local internet news at the Bright One.

And PRAY, the White Sox starting staff throws like Buerle did yesterday. We need another White Sox winner, for all of our benefit.

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