Friday, February 10, 2006

From the Mailbag: If the Cubs were in the Premiership

E-mailer Brian noticed the Chelsea FC link on the right hand column of this site and observed that a few of us are English Football fans. Guilty as charged. During the winter a few of us on this page look across the pond and follow English Football. For some unknown reason several years back I adopted Chelsea. Now thanks to a Mad Russian Millionaire they are one of the elite teams in Europe! So when I got this e-mail yesterday I decided to post it. The comparisons between the two clubs are good. The article at the bottom a good read as well.

Here's the e-mail from Brian:


I noticed that there is a CFC link on the page and thought you might enjoy reading an article I came across. Premiership football (and Chelsea in particular) is what gets me through the long cold Chicago winters while I await the beginnings of baseball season. It seems easy to draw the analogy between Man Utd and the Yankees (and they have a marketing partnership to boot), but I wondered which club would be most like the Cubs. Based on the long suffering nature of the fans Newcastle United seemed a fair choice. Then I did a little research and it got almost scary:


FA Cups

In reading the article below, the analogy seemed to be even more fitting especially in light of arguments that have been made by gaius marius on your page and on BCB as well.CLICK HERE for article


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